Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fiona Fleming Cozy Mysteries

Welcome to Reading, Vermont,
 the cutest town in America!

A girl, a pug and murder. Who knew running a bed and breakfast could be so deadly?

Fiona Fleming is about to find out! Recently returned from a decade living in the big city, Fee accepts the inheritance of her Grandmother Iris's B&B, Petunia's, with a sense of relief. Here's a new start she can sink her soul into! Never mind she's also taking on Iris's flatulent pug or that running a bed and breakfast is way more work than she thought. Not to mention the inconvenient murders that seem to find her at every turn, despite the irritation of the handsome local sheriff and her own retired lawman father. When bodies turn up, Fee always seems to be in the wrong place at the right time to solve the mystery!

Bed and Breakfast and Murder

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Chocolate Hearts and Murder

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Fame and Fortune and Murder

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And Coming Soon! Stay tuned for updates on the next in series:

Ghosts and Goblins and Murder (coming in July!)
Ganache and Fondant and Murder
Ropes and Trees and Murder
Anchors Away and Murder
Guns and Ammo and Murder
Runways and High Heels and Murder
Plaid and Fore! and Murder
Whips and Spurs and Murder
Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Murder
Pirate Gold and Murder

Friday, June 16, 2017

Hayle Coven Novels

In case you haven't seen them before, welcome to the world of Sydlynn Hayle and her wacky, amazing and paranormal family. :)

Find them at all fine retailers, beginning with the prequel novella, Dreams and Echoes. This 21-volume beginning to a bigger universe will sweep you away into a family saga full of the supernatural, deadly and mysterious. I hope you fall in love! (Google Play for most titles coming soon!)

Dreams and Echoes
Find out how it all began!

Her Mom's a witch, Dad's a demon
and she wants to be ordinary!
Winner of the 2014 World's Best Story

To normal or not to normal?
Syd might not get a say!

Time for Syd's demon to step
up, even if Syd won't

Syd finally has a chance at being ordinary.
Then why does she just want
her magic back?

Old frenemies of the family are coming
to town--and Quaid's caught up with
their plans for the end of the Hayles!

Syd's in charge for once--exactly
when she needs help the most!

Harry's attempt to go home to
Demonicon doesn't go as planned...

Syd's mother is in trouble with the
Council of witches--can she save
her from certain death?

First year at Harvard and Syd's already
wondering if she's cut out for
being coven leader...

Meeting her demon grandmother wasn't
supposed to mean never going home!

Mysterious enemies finally reveal

Syd might carry the vampire essence,
but that doesn't mean everyone is
happy about it!

Back on Demonicon, Syd faces a
terrible loss, a geas to find the
guilty and her own life to save!

Liam's ties to the Sidhe leave him
vulnerable--it's Syd to the rescue!

Mia might be leader of the Dumont's
but she needs Syd to save her magic!

Facing off with Ameline Benoit means
harder choices than Syd's ever made...

Charlotte's in trouble, and Syd can't
let her werefriend down!

All the world's covens are coming to
town--and Syd's their host!

Time to face down Fate and take her
place as the Light One...

Crippled by loss and grief, Syd's not
done saving the world just yet...

Paperbacks for all of the Hayle Coven Novels are available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble!

Don't despair if you're at the last book and don't know where to go from here. There's much, much more waiting for you in the Hayle Coven Universe, starting with The First Plane Trilogy and Syd's sister, Meira! Click the image below to continue the adventure and happy reading!

Meira's role as Ruler of Demonicon doesn't goas smoothly as she'd planned...

Friday, June 9, 2017

YA Scavenger Hunt Hayle Coven Winner!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the YA Scavenger Hunt--we had a ton of fun and lots of excitement along the way.

I'm waiting on the announcement of who won the whole shebang, but for now, I'd like to congratulate


You are the winner of the first four books in the Hayle Coven Novels! Gayle, if you could please get in touch at with the format of your choice, that would be amazing.

For now, Happy Friday and have a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


This is it, gang. My stop on the YA Scavenger Hunt. I'm pumped, because how fun is this?
I love a good mystery!
Okay, here you go. Your Keyword for my site is:
Yeah, I could have made it hard for you. But that's not how I roll! I want you to win... that's why I'm offering a couple of giveaways right here on my site, too!
Click the image below and get book one in my award-winning, best-selling series, The Hayle Coven Novels, for free on Instafreebie (please note! Downloading this free book means agreeing to signing up for my newsletter, so bear that in mind--I'll never spam you, promise. Just awesome new releases and sales of books I love).

 Instafreebie Giveaway!

Or, you can comment below for a chance at the first four ebooks in the twenty volume series! The draw will run until Wednesday, June 7th, ending with the scavenger hunt. I'll announce the winner on the 8th.
In case you missed the hunt all together, you can find the post with all the links right here:
YA Scavenger Hunt
Or, if you skipped over one by accident, check out stop #67:
Norma Hinkins
And, to make it easier for you to move forward, here's stop #69:
Megan Crew
Happy hunting!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The YA Summer Savenger Hunt Is Here!

I'm SO EXCITED to be part of this! Read on for the awesomeness that is the YA Summer Scavenger Hunt:

In June, the Alliance of Young Adult Authors is sponsoring a massive young adult scavenger hunt. This is a chance to meet some new authors, grab a bunch of free books, and sign up to win a whole bunch of epic prizes!


Each author will be given a special keyword, which will be bolded and all caps like this: BUTTERFLIES. All you have to do is visit all the author's sites in the order listed below, write down the special keywords to discover the short story, then enter the giveaway with the completed short story HERE (link will be live shortly!). There will be one main giveaway for the main prize, but most of the participating authors will also have smaller giveaways for free books, amazon credit and author swag, so make sure you read their post carefully to see what else they're offering while you're on their site for the keyword.

THE MAP (participating authors)

  1. Cindy Ray Hale
  2. Katherine Bogle
  3. Melle Amade
  4. David Kudler
  5. A.M. Yates
  6. Alethea Kontis
  7. Stevie Rae Causey
  8. Katlyn Duncan
  9. Debbie Manber Kupfer
  10. Meredith Rose
  11. N.M. Howell
  12. Lara Ann  
  13. K.M. Robinson
  14. J.A. Culican
  15. Heather Karn
  16. Rob L. Slater
  17. Dylan Keefer
  18. Sarah K. Wilson  
  19. L.J. Higgins
  20. Gina Marie Long 
  21. Em Kazmierski
  22. Travis Hall
  23. Heather Young-Nichols
  24. Anna Santos
  25. J.L. Weil  
  26. Jo Schneider 
  27. Logan Keys
  28. Kristin D. Van Risseghem
  29. Martine Lewis 
  30. Tara Benham
  31. Stacy Claflin
  32. Beth Hammond
  33. Erica Cope
  34. Nicole Zoltack
  35. Char Webster
  36. Sabrina Ramoth
  37. T.J. Muir
  38. Raquel Lyon
  39. Beth Rodgers
  40. S.L. Beaumont
  41. Eva Pohler
  42. Melanie McFarlane
  43. Cheryllynn Dyess
  44. Audrey Rich
  45. Amanda Zieba
  46. Sandie Will
  47. Elle Scott
  48. Robert Jones
  49. Ashley Maker 
  50. Mandy Peterson
  51. Audrey Grey
  52. Chanda Stafford
  53. Amy McNulty
  54. Melinda Cordell
  55. Monica Leonelle
  56. Claire Luana
  57. Frost Kay
  58. Preeti C. Sharma
  59. Ginna Moran
  60. Mackenzie Flohr
  61. Lena Mae Hill
  62. Angel Leya
  63. Wendi Wilson
  64. Wendy Knight
  65. Samantha Britt
  66. Tamara Hart Heiner
  67. Norma Hinkens
  68. Patti Larsen
  69. Megan Crewe  
  70. Jamie Thornton
  71. Jessie Renée
  72. T.A. Maclagan  
  73. Lydia Sherrer
  74. K.T. Webb
  75. P.D. Workman
  76. J.A. Armitage
  77. K.N. Lee
  78. Angela Fristoe
  79. Rhonda Sermon
  80. G.K. DeRosa 
  81. Erin Richards
  82. Ali Winters
  83. Larissa C. Hardesty
  84. Kristine Tate
  85. Debra Kristi
  86. Keira Gillet or Bella Rose (alternate)
  87. Cortney Pearson
  88. Jeff Kohanek
  89. Kristal Shaff
  90. Rachel Morgan  
  91. Arwen Paris or Emma Right (alternate)
  92. C.L. Cannon
  93. Joanne Macgregor
  94. Lindsey Loucks
  95. Farah Cook
  96. Erin Hayes
  97. Jesikah Sundin
  98. Dorothy Dreyer
  99. Danielle Annett
  100. C.J. Ethington
  101. L.C. Hibbett 
  102. Madeline Dyer
  103. Katie John
  104. Nicole Schubert  
  105. Rachel Medhurst 
  106. Tee G Ayer  
  107. May Freighter 
  108. Gwynn White
  109. Jen Minkman  
  110. J.L. Gillham
  111. Karen Tomlinson
  112. Kate Haye
  113. Megan Linski
  114. Martina Billings
  115. Jo Ho
  116. Kellie Sheridan or E.E. Isherwood (alternate)
  117. Inna Hardison
  118. Rachel Bateman
  119. Sally Henson  
  120. J.L. Hendricks 
  121. A.L. Knorr  
  122. T.M. Franklin  
  123. Raven Oak
  124. Stephany Wallace or Felisha Antonette (alternate)
  125. Jake Devlin
  126. S.F. Benson
  127. Laurie Treacy
  128. Emily Martha Sorensen 
  129. Leia Stone
  130. T. Rae Mitchell
  131. J. Keller Ford
  132. Kat Stiles
  133. Jessica Hawke
  134. Elyse Reyes
  135. Sophie Davis
  136. Lindsay Mead or Bianca Scardoni (alternate)
  137. Jenetta Penner
  138. David R. Bernstein
  139. Olivia Wildenstein
  140. Derek Murphy
For rules, updates or trouble-shooting, make sure to check out this main post which will stay updated.


Authors will post the rules and the full list of participating authors sometime in June, and have their post up and visible on their site/blog, with their keyword, by June 1st. Readers just need to go through the list, find the words, and use the story to enter for the grand prize.